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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Faith Film Fund was created to help faith-based filmmakers navigate the process of conducting a regulation crowdfund campaign while introducing fans and potential investors of faith-based films to amazing projects that are seeking funding.

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Our Current Project: Across

Across is the feature film story of Father Augustine Tolton, the first African American Catholic priest. Due to his great virtue, “Father Gus” is now being considered for elevation to sainthood by the Catholic Church. The producers chose Gus’ dramatic 1863 attempt to escape from slavery as the topic for this short film – which is being expanded to a feature film.

Our Current Project: Across

Our Investment Partner

Located in the heart of the financial district of downtown Chicago, truCrowd is an equity crowdfunding portal operating under Regulation Crowdfunding (Title III of JOBS ACT) and connects startups and emerging businesses with non-accredited and accredited investors. Built on the belief that not all businesses and investors are alike, they pride themselves on delivering a personalized and professional funding experience through industry-leading technology.

They have all dedicated themselves to making truCrowd the most user-friendly equity crowdfunding portal for funding your startup or investing in startups. Their collective talent in finance, marketing, content and design form a powerful team committed to achieving and maintaining the #1 equity crowdfunding portal in America. is honored to partner with


What Others Have Said

From A Filmmaker:

FaithFilmFund is an invaluable ally to getting your movie off the ground.  Navigating the red-tape of equity crowd funding for a regular business is a chore in-and-of itself.  Add in the specific dynamics and complexities of film production, and you have a recipe for frustration and delays.  But Jon Graham and FFF were able to simplify and streamline the entire process for our project.  Rather than worrying about bureaucracy, all I needed to do was communicate the vision for our movie production – and let FFF take care of the rest.  I felt like Jon treated our film as if it were his own – dotting every i and crossing every t.  I trust FaithFilmFund and am so glad to have partnered with them.

– Chris Foley, ACROSS


We are super excited to work with FaithFilmFund to provide interesting projects in the faith-based film industry seeking investments through regulation crowdfunding with its extra benefits for the film industry.

– Vincent Petrescu, VP

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